Marlon Crowe, arrested on Thursday morning, appeared in Summary Court on Friday afternoon, when he pleaded guilty to illegal landing.

Mr. Crowe, a Jamaican national, by his plea admitted that he had entered the Cayman Islands in contravention of the Immigration Law sometime between Oct. 17, 2017 and May 3, 2018.

Defense attorney John Furniss told Magistrate Grace Donalds he knew that other charges had been recommended, particularly for breach of a deportation order.

Police sent out a press release on Thursday advising that Mr. Crowe had been arrested at an address on Frank Sound Road. A second man was said to have been arrested also at the location; the charge against him was harboring a fugitive. No mention was made of this person on Friday afternoon.

On April 16, police issued a request for public assistance in locating Mr. Crowe. He had been deported from Cayman in October 2017 after serving a sentence for conspiracy to import 194 pounds of ganja on Feb. 4, 2016. With no previous convictions here or in Jamaica, he received a sentence of two years 10 months, the least of the three men involved.

On Friday, Mr. Furniss advised that his client wished that he could be remanded to Northward Prison, but things were still “full at the inn,” so he would have to stay at the Fairbanks Detention Centre. He asked for the matter to be brought back on Wednesday, May 9.

Having pleaded guilty to illegal landing, Mr. Crowe was remanded in custody. The magistrate pointed out that she did not have authority to specify where a detained person should be kept.

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