Azeem Burton was ordered to be held without bail on Tuesday in connection to a robbery on May 21 just after midnight on Prospect Point Road.

Mr. Burton, 19, was charged with robbery on Tuesday and will next appear in Grand Court on June 8.

Mr. Burton’s attorney, Jonathon Hughes, submitted to the court that his client has no prior criminal history. Magistrate Valdis Foldats took that into consideration but ultimately decided that the nature of the offense was too serious to allow Mr. Burton to be allowed to leave police custody.

Crown counsel Darlene Oko, reading the summary of the facts of the case, said Mr. Burton allegedly had contact with the victim at a bar late on the night of May 20 and then followed him back to his home.

A scuffle ensued, and the victim lost consciousness after being beaten, the court heard. He received stitches to the top of his head, and suffered two black eyes and bruised ribs.

The victim also alleged that a ring, his wallet and cellphone were taken from him, Ms. Oko said.

Mr. Burton and a second man, who has not been charged, were implicated in the altercation.

Magistrate Foldats told Mr. Burton that his charge is considered a Category A offense, and all future court appearances will be transmitted to the Grand Court for disposition.

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