Wounded dog left for days without care

Virtue's face is barely discernable through her matted and overgrown fur.
Virtue’s face is barely discernable through her matted and overgrown fur.

A tiny terrier found with infected puncture wounds, virtually starved and with painfully matted fur, is on the mend after being rescued by an animal charity.

Volunteers at One Dog at a Time described the incident as one of the worst cases of neglect they have ever seen.

Paula Blane, of the charity, said the dog had to be shaved because its fur was twisted into thick mats that had wrapped around her like a tourniquet. It had been badly bitten by a bigger dog and its wounds left untreated for several days, she added.

The dog, named Virtue, came to the charity through a third party and is undergoing treatment at Island Vets. She is on intravenous antibiotics and will need operations for her wounds and to remove her teeth, which had rotted through lack of care.

“This is one of the worst conditions I have seen a dog in. It is hard to describe. Her fur was so matted it was like it had been glued together. She has literally had no care,” said Ms. Blane.

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The dog weighed 6 pounds, less than half of what she believes it should weigh. Ms. Blane said she believed it was a terrier but it was in such a poor state, it was hard to tell exactly what kind.

Once its worst injuries have been treated, she believes there will be no issues finding a home.

“She is in good hands now. She is going to be at the vets for another few days yet and then we will try to get her adopted.

“Somebody out there with a big heart is going to take her and give her a good home.”

To find out more, visit One Dog at a Time’s Facebook page or email [email protected]

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