Governor Choudhury ‘temporarily withdrawn’ from post

Anwar Choudhury in his office at the top floor of the government administration building Thursday. - Photo: Brent Fuller

The U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office has “temporarily withdrawn” Cayman Islands Governor Anwar Choudhury from his post pending an investigation into “a number of complaints” against him, Premier Alden McLaughlin said in a statement released early Wednesday.

Cayman officials, including the premier and Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, were advised of the FCO’s decision late Tuesday.

The premier’s statement did not specify whether the complaints against Mr. Choudhury were related to Cayman or elsewhere. The premier also did not state the nature of the complaints.

Mr. McLaughlin, who is in the U.K. this week, said he was advised by the  U.K. overseas territories minister, Lord Tariq Ahmad, that Mr. Choudhury was in the U.K. and that the investigation against him was likely to take four to six weeks.

“While this development was unforeseen and is most unfortunate, I am confident that it will not affect the continued good governance of the Cayman Islands,” Premier McLaughlin said.

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Lord Ahmad told Cayman officials that the foreign office did not intend to make any public statement regarding the matter. Mr. Choudhury could not immediately be contacted for comment, but the Cayman Compass will publish any further statements if and when they are received.

Deputy Governor Manderson will take up the post of acting governor while Mr. Choudhury is away.

Mr. Choudhury, 58, arrived in Cayman in late March and was well-received.

He had just completed an interview with the Cayman Compass on Thursday afternoon in which he stated his intention to work with Cayman on the formation of a strategy to address U.K. requirements that its territory adopt a public register of company ownership by December 2020.

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  1. I don’t know about you but this is very suspicious to me. Especially at this moment in history.I was really starting to like the guy. To me he’s the first Governor to come out to the people and really investigate what could make this place better. The useless running around for useless paper to get everything done through Gov’t is agonizing. The long lines and sitting around for someone to just stamp a piece a paper that is done over and over each year which could all be done through e-services is so much better, ppppllllleeeaassse. Every year my group has to take a drug test. We go to the hospital now and pay over 100 CI drs. I have to pull out my drivers license 3 times,Why? Any drug addict that you tell you going to give a drug test, already knows how to get a negative result. When I return my cup it has to be to a certain line otherwise back to the cashier and start the process all over again. If everything is good to go I take a cup back to the nurse because they don’t even have window to recieve it from a hole in the wall. Honestly, no one can’t chop out a little window and solve that problem. I dread the hoops I have to go through every year after 30 years it gets dumber and dumber. I hope he comes back. I’m sure he will make life a lot better especially through Gov’t. services.