A truck deposits trash at the George Town Landfill. - Photo: Taneos Ramsay

Garbage pick-up will resume in some George Town communities on Wednesday and Thursday, according to the Department of Environmental Health.

The department said areas that will be serviced include Shadow Lane, Wahoo Lane, Brinkley Road, Casper Walk, Merrendale, Short Lane, Webb Road to inside Seymour Drive, Bramble Road to Andresen Drive, South Church Street, Walkers Road and Denham Thompson Way.

Other areas such as Windsor Park, Banana Walk, and Edgewater Way to Prospect Drive will be serviced Thursday, the Department of Environmental Health added.

“The Department of Environmental Health apologises to residents in the affected areas and urges those residents who continue to experience non-collection of their garbage to make contact with our office by calling 949-6696 or by emailing us at [email protected],” the department stated.

Residents across Cayman have reported late and inconsistent collections since late last year.

Last month, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson apologized on behalf of the civil service for the situation, and promised that it would be solved soon.

He blamed a combination of equipment problems, staff shortages, staff absenteeism and issues with the management of overtime at the Department of Environmental Health for persistent problems with roadside collections.

He said at the time that a number of employees at the Department of Environmental Health had been disciplined, adding that these workers were letting themselves, their colleagues and the community down through non-attendance and poor performance.
He said “emergency appointments,” including solid waste drivers and assistants, and support staff for the fleet manager, had been made to address staff shortages.

Private sector companies have also been engaged to “plug gaps” in cases of equipment failure, and a vehicle replacement strategy is being drawn up to address the aging fleet of garbage collection vehicles.

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