Artwork pieces celebrating Cayman influences are currently on display at the George Town Public Library historic building. - Photo: Jewel Levy

A selection of around 50 pieces of student artwork celebrating Cayman is currently on display at the George Town Public Library’s historic building.

The Visual Arts Exhibition is the culmination of a School-Based Assessment examination by 18 pupils from John Gray High School. Both years 10 and 11 arts students are involved in the exhibition, which opened on June 22 and will run until July 6.

Paul Whittaker and Clifton Hunter Student Raheem Martin discuss materials used in artwork created by a Year 11 student at John Gray. – Photo: Jewel Levy

Jodi Williams-Wisdom, subject leader for the Visual Arts Department at John Gray School, officially opened the display at the George Town Public Library. She thanked all those involved.

“We are hoping to expose the students’ work to the wider community and for them to understand we have a thriving Visual Arts community here in the Cayman Islands, it’s also to get students more involved, so they will have an understanding of what it takes and involves to be a part of the Visual Arts,” Ms. Williams-Wisdom said.

Principal Jon Clark was incredibly proud of both the work produced and the tremendous work ethic shown by students and staff in art this year.

“Students have produced some outstanding pieces with many celebrating Cayman influences,” he said.

“This is also a tribute to the dedication of our inspirational staff who have a real love for their subject and high aspirations for our students.”

He said he was grateful to George Town library for hosting this exhibition.

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