Cayman announces CARIFTA organizing team

A team led by Lance Barnes and Joel Francis will be responsible for organizing next year’s CARIFTA Games, which will be held in the Cayman Islands.

The games, which are one of the largest and longest running youth track and field events in the world, are coming to Cayman next Easter.

The makeup of the Local Organizing Committee was announced Tuesday morning. Mr. Barnes, who is president of the Athletic Association, and Mr. Francis, the assistant chief officer in the Ministry of Sports, are the co-chairs of the committee, which also includes deputy co-chairs Ventisha Conolly and Evelyn Rockett, secretary Liz Smith, head of finance Joel Burke, legal adviser Jacqueline Haynes, members Darrel Rankine, Collin Anglin and Osbert Francis, and meeting manager Scimone Campbell-Chin.

This will be the third time Cayman hosts the games, after doing so previously in 1995 and 2010.

“I am very delighted at the opportunity for the Cayman Islands to host the CARIFTA Games again and look forward to supporting the LOC in its delivery of what promises to be the best ever,” said Minster of Sports Juliana O’Connor-Connolly in a press release.

“CARIFTA 2019 will not only involve the Government and the Association in undertaking an event of such magnitude but will require strong support from the private sector and the community at large. I would like to encourage them to become partners in the execution of these Games,” she added.

Next year’s CARIFTA Games will be the 48th staging of these games and will involve more than 500 athletes and delegates from across the Caribbean, competing in some 66 events over the Easter weekend.

Mr. Barnes said the CARIFTA Games would be an opportunity for Cayman to showcase its star athletes on their home ground.

Mr. Francis added, “We have put together a highly capable team with a mixture of experience with some of those who served on previous LOCs for the two editions of CARIFTA that were held in the Cayman Islands, and some new blood who are both capable in a variety of disciplines and interested in growing the sport of athletics for future generations.

“We will be investing a lot of our resources in training both new and existing officials to deliver a quality product, and I am particularly keen to see rejuvenated interest from the wider community in the sport as we deliver the quality of sporting event that Cayman is known to present.”

In his letter confirming Cayman’s hosting of the Games, North American, Central American and Caribbean Championships President Victor Lopez said, “We are completely confident that your Federation together with the Cayman Islands government and other stakeholders will present an excellent event.”

The NACAC is the regional body under the International Association of Athletics Federations, the world’s governing body for athletics whose current president is Sebastian Coe. Each country may enter two athletes per event, up to six athletes may be entered for relay events (with two acting as substitutes) and three athletes in the combined events such as pentathlon or heptathlon.

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