The petition to reinstate Governor Choudhury was circulated in Cayman on Wednesday.

An anonymous petition began circulating around the Cayman Islands Wednesday seeking the immediate reinstatement of Governor Anwar Choudhury.

The petition, believed to have been started by some government workers, can be found here.

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It states: “We, the undersigned electors of the Cayman Islands request, that if no criminal actions are found to have been committed by Mr. Anwar Choudhury that would warrant action as serious as his removal from office, but only consists of personal complaints by disgruntled individuals in whatever capacity, or displeased persons due to change in the order of things, that Mr. Anwar Choudhury be returned and reinstated as Governor of the Cayman Islands as soon as possible.”

The petition contains a lengthy letter addressed to Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon, the current minister for the British Overseas Territories, which outlines the reasons the petitioners are seeking to have Mr. Choudhury returned.

“There has been an increased public trust and belief that, finally, there was a governor who would listen and was not afraid to right the many wrongs in governance and administration, of complacency, ignoring complaints, lack of following practice and procedure, favoritism and overall malpractice to name a few,” the letter to Lord Ahmad reads.

“The present situation is causing speculation, numerous rumors and uncertainty in the business community and doubts from investors and population at large; and … the feeling among the general public is that the one public figure who, by his actions, has shown he takes positive interest on the public’s behalf for true good governance has suddenly been taken away.”

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  1. I applaud and praise and thank the one who started this petition to have Mr. Choudhury reinstated . I ask every registered voter of the Cayman Islands to sign that petition, and don’t be scared of signing it , and also tell all 19 Politicians that you did sign it . And this time when he arrive change his return welcome by all the people meeting him at the Airport and no politicians included , and make them know that WE THE PEOPLE WANTS HIM HERE . .

  2. Cayman Compass , can you please get the name/names of who launched this petition, “which I completely agree with ” without having a person name to hold accountable for answers about the petition, people are going to be hesitant to sign it . How would we know that petition was forwarded to the appropriate person or party ? How would we know that petition wasn’t put in the cabinet to collect dust , after it was completed ? Anonymous won’t answer questions.
    I will say that no one should be embarrassed or ashamed to be involved with this matter , because if this one goes unsolved it would be beginning of the end of the Islands.

  3. I wonder if the readers here at the Cayman Compass has any interest in making sure that Mr. Choudhury is reinstated or settled ? Someone said over at CNS that people should come over online at the Cayman Compass and use your real name to comment on this matter of the Governor removal , that was no use because I am the one that has commented on the subject , not even the one that made suggestion has commented over here at the Compass . Shame on you people for not supporting Mr. Choudhury .