A man facing eight charges relating to a quad bike pleaded guilty to seven of them in Summary Court on Wednesday.

Maleke Kavir Wesley Molina, 31, pleaded guilty to riding the vehicle in a manner that was dangerous to the public, from Bodden Town to George Town, on Nov. 26, 2017.

That charge was brought under the Traffic Law.

Magistrate Valdis Foldats noted that Mr. Molina was also charged with doing a reckless and negligent act, a criminal offense brought under the Penal Code. He said the two charges were based on the same facts and suggested that the Crown might review the reckless charge, given the plea to dangerous driving.

Details of the criminal allegation are that Mr. Molina drove a quad bike on Linford Pierson Highway on Nov. 26 in a manner so rash as to endanger the life of police officers.

The circumstances of the offense were not given, but defense attorney John Furniss said his client “was not on board in any way with the bad behavior of others …. He left …. He was seen by the [police] helicopter.”

The attorney’s reference to “the bad behavior of others” concerned a reported incident involving up to 200 people riding around Grand Cayman that Sunday on dirt bikes, quad bikes and motorcycles in a manner that disrupted traffic and endangered safety.

The magistrate indicated that it had been a serious criminal event.

The other charges involving the bike on Nov. 26, to which Mr. Molina pleaded guilty, were: driving without insurance, failing to comply with an order of a police officer, the vehicle was not registered, it had no certificate of roadworthiness, it had no license plates displayed, and the rider was not qualified for that category of vehicle.

Mr. Molina did have a regular driver’s license and the magistrate disqualified him from driving. Mr. Furniss asked that the disqualification not take effect until 6 p.m. so that the defendant could take care of a family matter and get home.

The magistrate agreed. He ordered a social inquiry report and set the next mention for Monday, Oct. 1.

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