Now that the George Town landfill is again accepting derelict vehicles, the Department of Environmental Health, which operates the dump, is advising the public on the procedure for disposing of such vehicles.

The department’s acting director, Richard Simms, noted in a press release issued this week that derelict cars should not be left in public spaces “or in a way likely to cause or contribute to the defacement of the environment or that is harmful to public health.”

He said such vehicles must be disposed of at the George Town landfill.

Under the Cayman Islands Litter Law (1997 Revision), a derelict vehicle is any vehicle that appears to be abandoned by reason of its condition. This includes any vehicle that is without its engine, any of its wheels or other critical parts and has remained unlicensed during the preceding six months. Vehicles that do not fit those criteria are not considered to be derelict vehicles.

Members of the public may refer such vehicles to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service when they are located in a public space, the DEH pointed out. If the vehicles are located on private property, they must be elevated from the ground and properly concealed using a car cover.

“It is important to note also that once the derelict vehicle is identified by an officer of the DEH, he or she is empowered to issue a written notice to the owner for its removal within 24 hours. This notice is usually placed on the body of the vehicle and should not be removed,” the advisory from the Department of Environmental Health read.

The owner can make arrangements with a private hauler or with the DEH to have the vehicle removed to the landfill. A fee of $75 per vehicle is payable to the DEH upon request for the removal of derelict vehicles from private property.

The DEH stated that the current waste handling and disposal fee of $250 that is payable to the Customs Department on the importation of all motor vehicles is used for the processing of derelict vehicles upon disposal and does not cover the cost of transportation to the landfill.

Failure to comply with a removal notice of a derelict vehicle within the specified period means its owner becomes guilty of an offense and is liable to a minimum fine of $500 upon conviction. At that time, the DEH will make arrangements for its removal to the George Town landfill for disposal.

For more information and to make arrangements for the removal of derelict vehicles, or to report any issues with collection, members of the public can call the DEH’s main administrative office at 949-6696 or email [email protected]