The Flowers Sea Swim was recently named one of 10 notable destination swims by Swimming World magazine, an international publication that covers swimming, diving, water polo and other aquatic sports.

In fact, the Flowers swim was the first swim listed. But the magazine’s managing editor, Dan D’Addona, said the 10 swims were not ranked in any order. Each of the swims, he said, were chosen because of their unique offerings.

“One of the coolest things about open water is you can have different venues that have very different characteristics,” Mr. D’Addona said. “Yours is along the very long (Seven Mile) beach. It’s beautiful there and it’s a place where you might get a lot of people watching the swim.”

Open water events are becoming more popular, he said, and the magazine tries to stay on top of the choices that are out there.

“We’ve been familiar with that one,” he said, of the Flowers swim. “We wanted to make sure we were in touch with what some of the cool ones are. We’ve kind of beefed up our open water coverage in recent years. They’re starting to catch on.”

Frank Flowers, who founded the swim 26 years ago, said he would not have expected such recognition “in my wildest dreams.”

“We could never accomplish this without the people of Cayman and all the people that work on this,” Mr. Flowers said.

Flowers Sea Swim athletes take to the water at this year’s event. – Photos: Taneos Ramsay

He said support from the Ministry of Tourism, along with a number of private companies on the island have helped to support the swim and allow it to grow from its initial field of 60 swimmers to years when 1,000 swimmers have taken to the water.

As a result of the Swimming World story, Mr. Flowers said the sea swim was invited to the United States Aquatic Sports Convention in Jacksonville, Florida next month. He said he passed the invitation to the tourism ministry, which will have a booth at the event.

“I want to promote Cayman,” he said.

Local support for the event tapered off a little in the last year, Mr. Flowers said, adding that he hopes more people will get behind the event as things go forward, especially now that the swim has received worldwide recognition.

“My dad said, ‘Don’t compete locally, compete globally,’” Mr. Flowers said. “That’s always been my motto. That’s what I want for my island. If the people of the island work together, we can achieve anything.”

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