Cayman’s soccer squad fell 1-0 to Barbados in the group stage of the 2018 CONCACAF Girls’ Under 15 Championships.

Cayman played Barbados in the consolation match after suffering a disappointing loss to St. Lucia in the Group E decider, which all but confirmed their second place finish.

The Caymanians conceded a goal in the 32nd minute as Barbados’ Caitlin Padmore, who claimed the game’s only goal.

Cayman’s Alexia Bromfield and Shayana Windsor replaced Raeanne Ebanks-Hydes and Kalie Ebanks in the 33rd minute.

Further changes during the second half – with Kiara Lemay replacing Satiah Miller in goal and Riley Doyle and Kasey Golding entering the field for Ethana Villalobos and Shuwayne Fyne, respectively in the 65th minute – brought a spark to Cayman’s play, but it was not enough to overcome the deficit.

Assistant Coach Shakeina Bush said: “The tournament was a wonderful opportunity for all our players to gain valuable experience as they set their sights on the Under 17 age group.

“The younger and less experienced players have now tasted what it is to compete at the international level and the more experienced girls understand the importance of getting better to be able to compete at the Under 17 level.”

Bush added: “Many thanks to the parents in attendance who cheered on the team through thick and thin. Their unwavering support was very important to the players.”

The Cayman team returned home Sunday with a respectable record of two wins and two losses in their first competitive tournament as a national team.

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