In the June 13, 1968 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, a photo and caption on page 2 announcing some major breaking news for the Cayman Islands appeared – the sale of the first glasses of draught beer.

The caption read:

“Sampling the first mugs of cold draught beer from the Lowenbrau dispenser at the Cayman Arms are, left to right, Sandys Sherwood, Richard Shorter, the representative for Lowenbrau Brewery, Rudy Selzer and Glennis Sherwood. Cheers!

“The dispenser at the Cayman Arms installed last Monday morning is the very first to serve draught beer on Cayman.”

Another story addressed the intake of student pilots for Cayman’s new flying school, which had opened the previous June.

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“Cayman Flying Services announce that the first class of student pilots has reached its full complement and no new students will be accepted will be accepted until a new class begins, probably in ten to twelve weeks.

“The interest and enthusiasm for pilot training has exceeded all expectations and many hours a day Owen Roberts Airport is the scene of touch-and-go landings and increasingly more concise traffic patterns and more confident radio conversation with the tower.

“Concurrently, the twenty-two students meet weekly in Ground School classes where they study, take exams and discuss problems.

“Those enrolled are: David Foster, Derek Price, John Maples, Charles Seaman, Jill Bodden, Maurice Muse, Billy Adam, Graham Ebanks, Dr. Roger Parrish, Sandys Sherwood, Harrison Bothwell, Zoe Bodden, Leonel Wood, Ned Solomon, Mike Adam, Carlton Bodden, Colin Panton, Peter Milburn, Ken Spraggon, Asteo Bodden, Gurney Panton and William Turner.”

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