​Neverines to play at Fidel’s

The Neverines will be playing at Fidel Murphy's on Sept. 28.

The Neverines band, a popular local group, will make their fans very happy when they take to the stage at Fidel Murphy’s on Sept. 28.

Coincidentally, it is National Drink Beer Day in the U.S., and the pub is getting into the spirit (or the pint) by partnering with Cayman Islands Brewery for the occasion.

Pints of Brewery beer are only $6 each and half of that money is going to Ceili and Ken Heffernan, friends of proprietors Caitlin and John Dunne, who have found themselves with an unexpected medical situation.

The Heffernans

Ceili and Ken met in 2014. They fell in love, got married and had a son in 2016. Everything seemed to be coming up roses, until May 31 this year when they got a shocking diagnosis: Ken had pancreatic cancer. Not only that, it had metastasized to his liver and other surrounding soft tissue and vertebrae.

One moment the couple was picking out kitchen tiles, and the next they were dealing with an unthinkable new reality.

They are seeking treatment in the U.S. but with reduced income and the cost of traveling, accommodation and other unforeseen expenses, their friends are rallying around to try and supplement their funds.

There is no cover charge to see the band, and every pint you buy goes towards helping Ceili and Ken fight cancer. So, why not buy a few rounds for your table, dance the night away and support a great cause?

The Neverines

The Neverines is a five-piece rock band influenced by the likes of Muse, Radiohead and Oasis. Members are James Waters (lead vocals), Richie Reading (guitar and backing vocals), Ian Jamieson (bass), Leigh Hipkins (guitar and backing vocals) and Simon Stewart-Jones (drums).

Call 949-5189 for more information or donate on the GoFundMe page at gofundme.com/a-fight-to-live-and-love.