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Gather ye shamrocks while ye may

Turning green will actually be a good thing this Wednesday, as you'll be showing your support for St. Patrick - the patron saint of...

Movember mohawks at Fidel Murphy’s on Monday

If you've ever wanted to sport a mohawk, but were too shy to try, you can make your dream come true at Fidel Murphy's...

Cayman’s restaurants reopen for outdoor service

Cayman Islands residents ventured out to restaurants and bars on Sunday for the first time since coronavirus lockdown measures began in March.
St. Patrick's Day celebrations

St. Patrick’s Day

The celebration of Ireland’s most famous saint, St. Patrick, has long extended beyond the borders of the Emerald Isle.

​Neverines to play at Fidel’s

The Neverines band, a popular local group, will make their fans very happy when they take to the stage at Fidel Murphy’s on Sept. 28.

British fans are thirsty for a World Cup title

Is it coming home? Legions of British football fans will fill the pubs on Grand Cayman Wednesday afternoon as England seeks to move one step closer to a World Cup championship.

Flow, C3 customers facing World Cup TV blackout

Rival cable companies will be forced to black out television channels carrying coverage of the World Cup football tournament, which starts next week, broadcast rights holder Logic has confirmed.

Wear the green for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Paddy’s Day, as the Irish nickname it, is one of the Ireland’s most-celebrated events, though regardless of what time of year or day you choose to visit Ireland, you’ll likely find some sort of celebration going on there!

Taste of Cayman: 30 years strong

Just when we thought our waistlines would have a chance to recover from the festive season, along comes another gastronomic event to tempt us.

Some of the best burgers in Cayman for under $20

Sometimes we all just crave a delicious, juicy burger, preferably with fries on the side. Whether it’s beef, chicken or a veggie alternative that floats your boat, Cayman has got stacks of restaurants with mouthwatering burger options on their menus. Here’s a selection for under $20 to try:

Bless me Blarney. It’s St. Patrick’s Day!

You do not have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. All nations are welcome to join in and enjoy the craic.

Darts League starts season with three matches

The Cayman Darts League had its first three matches, played at the league’s three venues – Fidel Murphy’s, Salty’s Sports Bar and Popo Jeb’s restaurant – last week.

Fidel’s raises $950 for primary school program

A Christmas Karaoke Night at Fidel Murphy’s raised about $950 for Stepping Stones, the government program that helps primary school students with emotional or social difficulties reintegrate into traditional schools.

St. Paddy’s Day celebrations both near and far

From Galway to Galbraith and from Dublin to Dubai, going green means getting your party on, on St. Patrick’s Day, for a heady mix of parades, pub crawls, performances and prancing.

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