A group of concerned residents in East End has transformed an area used as a dumping ground into a park.

“The new park, located on the opposite side of Fiddler’s Park on Fiddler’s Way, East End, will be a place where the public can go to relax and have fun,” said East End resident Edney McLean.

Mr. McLean hopes that this kind of self-motivated local activism can spread, leading to the beautification of other vacant lots in East End.

Mr. McLean came up with the idea while on a trip to Cuba with friend Harwell Dixon while discussing ways they could improve East End.

“It’s government property, but we have the privilege of using it, and all the people around are on board with the project,” he said.

Not long ago, he said, the site was a weed-choked, illegal dump, full of discarded household items, car parts and leftover materials.

Now, lush greenery with a cliff backdrop has replaced the garbage-filled site.

“We need some fill, and once we get that, we will put in benches, a cabin, basketball court and other family friendly equipment,” Mr. McLean said.

“This is going to be for the community. You can have functions, play netball or basketball games. It’s a place where [locals] come to have barbecues … [We] hope to draw everyone together as a community. This is our neighborhood and we want to have it looking clean and pretty,” he said.

After neighbors Eulene and Janice McLaughlin saw the improvements to the area, they donated some plants.

Mr. McLean thanked the Recreation, Parks and Cemeteries Unit for its assistance in helping to clear the area.

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