A sports coach facing two charges of indecent assault against teenaged girls will be sentenced on Nov. 2, a magistrate ruled Monday.

Steve Anthony Smith, 49, had pleaded guilty to the charges, but the basis of his pleas was not accepted by Crown counsel Darlene Oko. Ms. Oko contended that Mr. Smith’s accounts of the incidents were incomplete and omitted some of the aggravating circumstances.

Magistrate Grace Donalds therefore held a special hearing to determine what facts she accepted.

On Monday, the magistrate gave her ruling. She said she accepted the evidence of both complainant/victims, describing them as unshaken in their accounts when questioned by defense attorney Nicholas Dixey.

She said the first offense, which occurred in late 2017, involved a girl of 15. Mr. Smith was bailed on condition that he not be unaccompanied with any child under the age of 18 and not coach or teach any child under that age.

The second offense occurred under those bail conditions and involved a girl of 17.

In the first matter, the girl was known to him. He told her he wanted to speak to her about her grades. He put his arm around her, pulled her to him and pulled her head up. He said he was not going to kiss her, but his lips made contact with her forehead.

She moved away, but he pulled her closer a second time. He told her she had gained some weight, but she was still his sexy little girl.

The girl said he had grabbed her buttocks, cupped them and held on.

The defendant said his hands were on her waist and contact was no more than a second or two. He also stated that his comment to the girl was a normal Jamaican way of speaking.

The magistrate did not accept that his remark was a common Jamaican expression.

The second charge involved a female with whom he had not had previous contact, but met through mutual acquaintances. He invited her to accompany him where he was going to coach two children playing squash.

In his car on the way there, he asked her if she were a virgin, asked her age and told her she was a big woman. At the venue, he sat next to her and put his arm on her back. She sat with her legs together and pointed away from him. He put his hand on her leg and engaged her in conversation. He began to touch her outer thigh, telling her she needed to improve her muscle tone.

The magistrate accepted the version of facts as outlined by the prosecution.

She emphasized that this inappropriate questioning and inappropriate touching had occurred while the defendant was on bail for the first offense.

Mr. Dixey pointed out that Mr. Smith had been in custody for four months, which was equivalent to a sentence of six months. He suggested that a term of immediate imprisonment imposed was unlikely to be higher.

The magistrate set sentencing for Friday, Nov. 2, and requested a social inquiry report and two victim impact reports. The probation officer said he would implore his department to have the material ready on time, but could not give a commitment.

The defendant was remanded in custody.

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