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Man wounded in West Bay

Police have launched a search for suspects after a man suffered head wounds in an attack Monday night in West Bay.

Distressed woman assaults police officer

Police said they had to restrain a woman they were transporting in their vehicle to the Cayman Islands Hospital after she became agitated and assaulted an officer while en route to the hospital.

Newball enters mixed pleas to drug and assault charges

Simon Julio Newball, of George Town, entered mixed pleas to a string of assault and drug charges, before the Summary Court on Wednesday, 26 Aug.

Man hospitalised after ‘serious assault’

A man has been hospitalised following an assault turned violent at a service station on Shamrock Road Saturday morning.
House Speaker McKeeva Bush

Coral Beach assault file with DPP

The police file on the alleged assault involving House Speaker McKeeva Bush has been handed over to the Director of Public Prosecutions for a legal ruling.

Two men assaulted in separate incidents

A police investigation has been launched into a serious wounding incident in West Bay, during which a man was assaulted with a machete. 

Opposition parts way with Kenneth Bryan

The official Opposition and George Town Central MLA Kenneth Bryan have parted ways.

Judge slams police internal disciplinary protocol

The “drawn-out” seven-year civil court battle came to an end on 28 Feb., when Justice Richard Williams ruled that Chief Inspector Frank Owens assaulted Police Constable Cardiff Robinson. The civil case centred around two alleged assaults, the first of which occurred nearly nine years ago, on 1 June 2011, when Owen threw an outdated police-car logbook at Robinson, hitting him in the face and the chest, and shouted at him to get it updated.

Miller maintains call for Bush to resign

North Side MLA Ezzard Miller maintains his call for House Speaker McKeeva Bush to resign, saying there is no legal provision for his "leave of absence."

Bush takes leave of absence as Speaker

House Speaker McKeeva Bush has said he will be taking a leave of absence from his post with immediate effect.

‘Public figure’ under investigation for assault

An investigation has been launched into the alleged assault of a woman at the hands of an individual whom police described as a “public figure”. The woman is said to have suffered minor injuries in the incident.

Police: ‘Public figure’ being investigated in alleged assault on woman

A woman suffered minor injuries early Saturday in an alleged assault involving an individual whom police described as a “public figure”.

Bodden Town Football Club suspended indefinitely

Bodden Town Football Club has been suspended from the Cayman Islands Football Association league after one of its players assaulted a referee during a...

2 injured as youths attack security guards

A group of youths attacked security guards at the George Town Yacht Club on Sunday night, after being asked to leave the club’s swimming pool.

Driver arrested for assaulting police officers

Police arrested a 20‑year-old Bodden Town man on Wednesday following an assault during which an officer’s finger was broken.

Man arrested for assault

A 30-year-old man was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of assault and causing damage to property following an incident on 5 July in which a man’s jaw was seriously injured.

No conviction for assault on police officer

A magistrate ordered that no conviction be recorded against a 31-year-old work permit holder who pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer.

Man charged with assault after fight at police station

A Bodden Town man appeared in court Monday following an incident at the Bodden Town Police Station on 29 May in which he was engaged in a physical altercation with another member of the public.

Cayman Brac sees spate of arrests

Police say five people were arrested on Cayman Brac during this year’s Braccanal Carnival celebration, 17-20 May.

Officers assaulted while making arrest

Two police officers were assaulted Monday while responding to an altercation between an man and a woman on Eastern Avenue.

Assaults linked to late-night drinking

A rise in assaults has been linked to an increasing number of fights outside bars and nightclubs.

Burglary rate hits 18-year low

Police are crediting the arrest and imprisonment of a significant number of prolific offenders with causing a sharp drop in the burglary rate across the Cayman Islands.

Man arrested after serious assault

A man suffered “serious and life-threatening” head injuries following an assault on Kennedy Drive in George Town in the early hours of Sunday morning, police said.

Man charged with arson, assaulting police

A 21-year-old George Town man has been charged with arson and assaulting police, as well as 10 other charges.

Court of appeal upholds 10-year sentence for assault on police

Justice Charles Quin was perfectly justified in sentencing Garfield Silburn Jr. to 10 years imprisonment in September 2017 for assaulting a police officer, the Court of Appeal determined in a judgment released earlier this month.

Woman found unconscious after suspected assault

A 32-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a woman was found unconscious in her home in West Bay on Thursday.

Sentencing delayed in wrongful confinement, assault case

Brandon Jamahl Beckett’s sentencing date for wrongful confinement, among other convictions, was pushed back due to the lack of a social inquiry report on Friday. He was also denied bail after an application by defense attorney Jonathon Hughes.

Man assaulted with wooden signpost

A man was knocked unconscious with a wooden signpost and suffered a broken nose and a concussion in an attack on Pedro Castle Road in Savannah in the early hours of Sunday morning, according to police.

Woman assaulted at Smith Cove

Police are seeking witnesses who may have seen an assault on a woman at Smith Cove in the early hours of Sunday, Nov. 18. A 31-year-old man was taken into custody on suspicion of the assault.

Coach gets nine months for indecent assaults

Former sports coach Steve Anthony Smith was sentenced on Monday to nine months’ imprisonment for indecent assault against two teenage girls.

Woman assaulted in West Bay home

Police are investigating a knife attack on a woman at a residence in West Bay Sunday afternoon.

Man denies indecent exposure, assault

A man named after video footage was circulated on social media appeared in Summary Court on Thursday charged with indecent exposure and indecent assault.

Arrest made following assault on elderly woman

A West Bay woman was arrested Friday morning on suspicion of assault causing grievous bodily harm to an elderly woman.

Sport coach awaits sentencing for indecent assaults

A sports coach facing two charges of indecent assault against teenaged girls will be sentenced on Nov. 2, a magistrate ruled Monday.

Man remanded on charge of wrongful confinement

A man charged with wrongful confinement and assault causing actual bodily harm was remanded in custody Wednesday when he appeared before Magistrate Philippa McFarlane.

UPDATE: Man charged for assault caught on video

A 33-year-old man, who was arrested after a social media video circulated depicting a man hitting and kicking another man, has been charged with affray, damage to property, and assault causing actual bodily harm.

Woman convicted of assault in George Town bar

A woman who pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm in a bar was fined on Monday and told she would have a conviction recorded against her.

Bail granted after weekend bar incident

A fire officer was granted bail on Monday after appearing in Summary Court on charges arising from an incident at Da Station, a bar on Shamrock Road, in the early hours of Saturday, Aug. 18.

Man arrested for assaulting woman, smashing bar

Police arrested a 23-year-old man who allegedly broke through the door of Da Station Bar in Prospect in the early hours of Saturday morning, assaulted a woman inside and smashed up the bar.

Several robberies, assaults reported in past week

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has reported another string of robberies and assaults within the past week, the latest occurring at a George Town gas station early Wednesday morning.

Judge stops trial, brothers not guilty

A judge directed a jury to return not-guilty verdicts on two brothers charged with assaulting police after finding that police officers’ testimonies in the case were contradictory and that one of the defendants had not been arrested.

Man in ‘romantic triangle’ denied bail

A man reportedly involved in “some sort of romantic triangle” was refused bail when he appeared in Summary Court late Monday on charges that included assault and aggravated burglary.

Cruise ship passenger remanded for trial

A U.S. national who arrived in Cayman via cruise ship last Wednesday was remanded in custody on Friday after a disturbance aboard the ship led to three charges against him.

Man arrested for assault

Police arrested a 22-year-old Bodden Town resident on suspicion of assault causing grievous bodily harm following an altercation in which another man’s jaw was broken.

Police: Woman kicks officer, gets pepper sprayed

A rowdy scene outside a West Bay bar over the weekend led to two arrests after police said they used pepper spray against two women during a struggle.

Man charged with assault, wrongful confinement

Dennis Rafael Martinez-Ebanks, 25, appeared in Summary Court on Monday facing charges of wrongful confinement and assault causing actual bodily harm of a woman.

Prosecutors appeal ‘lenient’ sentence in police officer assault

Crown prosecutors are appealing the suspended sentence handed down to a man convicted of assaulting a senior police officer who required hospital treatment following the attack.

Man given community service for assault on police officer

Seth Watler was given a 10-month suspended sentence and 100 hours of community service on Wednesday after pleading guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to a Cayman Islands police officer.

Former government minister Mike Adam charged with assault

Former government minister Mike Adam appeared in Summary Court Tuesday charged with common assault.

Jogger attacked in Barkers

A woman jogging along a trail in West Bay’s Barkers area was jumped by an attacker just after dawn Friday.

No conviction recorded for teacher in chair assault case

A primary school teacher who pushed a chair that hit a student broke down in tears Thursday after Magistrate Valdis Foldats recorded no conviction on a common assault charge.

Mother sentenced for breaking son’s arm in broom beating

A woman who beat her son with a broom and continued hitting him after it had broken was given a suspended sentence on Friday. The boy’s injuries included a broken arm.

Man charged with assaulting police officer

A 25-year-old man appeared in court Friday, charged with assaulting a police officer and six other charges following an incident in which an officer was bitten on the arm while making an arrest.

Teacher pleads guilty to assault after holding student’s ears

Magistrate Valdis Foldats declined to record a conviction against a teacher who pleaded guilty to a charge of common assault against a 7-year-old boy whose ears she admitted holding.

Bail denied on rape, abduction charges

A George Town man, 45, was remanded in custody on Monday after appearing in Summary Court on charges of rape, abduction, assault causing actual bodily harm and making threats to kill.

Mother sentenced for assaulting son

Justice Paul Worsley ordered a woman to spend the night in Fairbanks Prison before placing her on probation last week for assault causing actual bodily harm to her 10-year-old son. The boy’s injuries included a fracture to his hand.

Man loses eye in West Bay fight

A man lost vision in his right eye after a fight in West Bay on Monday, police reported.

Man pleads not guilty to assaulting officer

A trial has been set for April 19 for a man accused of assaulting a senior police officer at a traffic roadblock earlier this month.

RCIPS suspends three police constables

Three Royal Cayman Islands Police officers have been suspended from duty following separate convictions for either common assault or assault causing actual bodily harm stemming from incidents that occurred during the course of their jobs.

Officers’ second use of taser was excessive, court finds

Police officers Austin Etienne and Cardiff Robinson were found guilty of common assault on Tuesday, following a trial in which they said they had used their tasers on a suspect because they feared for their safety and the safety of fellow officers.

Arrest made in fight at Camana Bay

A fight broke out among several young men along Market Street at Camana Bay around 11:30 p.m. Saturday, police reported, and one youth said his phone was stolen. The attackers ran away before security arrived.
Police tape

UPDATED: Sixth arrest made in gangland violence

Five arrests were made this week in connection with ongoing criminal activity around Grand Cayman as police responded to a flurry of what officers termed gang-related incidents on Tuesday in West Bay district. RCIPS officers arrested a 24-year-old man in connection with the brutal assault of a man on Birch Tree Hill Road.

Teens arrested for Brac assault

Two male teenagers have been arrested in connection with the beating of a man in a bar on Cayman Brac on Oct. 17, police reported.

‘I did not touch her,’ accused teacher says

A high school teacher accused of indecently assaulting three of his female student told a court Thursday, “I did not touch her,” when asked about interaction during a class with one of the complainants. Asked about a second girl, who testified that he had touched her breast, he said she never called him over to her desk for help with her work, as she had said, and he never touched her.

Police: Tourist attack was ‘indecent assault’

A female tourist was indecently assaulted during a mugging that occurred along South Church Street in George Town last month.

Police make arrests in serious cases

Royal Cayman Islands Police put more than a dozen serious crime suspects in lockup or before the courts in August, culminating in the last full week of the month with the arrest of three attempted murder suspects, five drug suspects and the seizure of two unlicensed firearms.

Man in coma after East End beating

Police are looking for possible witnesses to a late-night beating in East End over the weekend that left a man in a coma at Health City Cayman Islands after he had to have brain surgery.

Drug dispute led to prison assault

An apparent dispute over drugs at Northward Prison led to an assault that resulted in six more months of custody for inmate Ryan Alijah Ebanks.

Political candidate beaten outside home

A former Cayman Islands political candidate was attacked and beaten outside his Bodden Town home Thursday afternoon.

Cuban migrant charged with assaulting guard

A Cuban migrant detained at the Bodden Town Civic Centre was brought to Summary Court on Tuesday, charged with assaulting a guard.

Four arrested following traffic operation

Police arrested four people following two separate traffic stops in an operation in Bodden Town last week. One man was arrested on suspicion of assaulting police and another was arrested after police found an illegal Taser in his vehicle.

5 years, 3 months sentence for knife wounding

Justice Alistair Malcolm sent out a warning on Friday when he sentenced Cory Godfrey Bowen to five years and three months’ imprisonment for wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

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