A 21-year-old George Town man has been charged with arson and assaulting police, as well as 10 other charges.

Police said he was charged with two counts of causing fear or provocation of violence, in relation to incidents on Oct. 5 and 13, 2018; dangerous driving, driving without being qualified, driving without insurance, and other traffic offenses, in relation to a Oct. 13 incident where he attempted to evade police in an unlicensed and unregistered vehicle; and arson following that Oct. 13 incident when the vehicle involved was set on fire.

He also faces charges of resisting arrest, escaping lawful custody, and assaulting police on Feb. 2, when he allegedly fled from officers attempting to arrest him, and assaulted an officer in the process.

He was remanded in custody and is due to appear in court Tuesday.

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