A group of youths attacked security guards at the George Town Yacht Club on Sunday night, after being asked to leave the club’s swimming pool. One guard remained in critical condition Monday after being hit by a car and another was hit by a rock thrown by the youths.

Police responded to a report of an altercation at the yacht club on North Sound Road shortly after 8:45pm. A security guard had approached four young males who were using a pool facility that was not open to the public at that time, police said.

The youths left but returned with two other males and began throwing rocks at security officers.

One of the security officers was struck and seriously injured by a vehicle that been on the compound, and one of the males who had been throwing the rocks is suspected to have been the driver. The driver fled with the other males and left the vehicle behind at the scene.

Another security officer was hit by a rock.

Both men were taken to hospital. The man hit by the rock was subsequently discharged, but the man struck by the vehicle remained in critical condition, police said on Monday afternoon.

Investigators are asking anybody with information to share what they know. Anyone who may have witnessed the incident or seen the men at the location earlier in the afternoon can contact the George Town Criminal Investigations Department at 949‑4222. Anonymous tips can be provided via Confidential Tip Line at 949‑7777.

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  1. Just disgusting behavior. These security guards are unarmed and are paid derisory wages. They should not be fighting for their lives in hospital after being run over by a low life thug.

    A substantial reward should be offered for information. Followed by a TRULY deterrent prison sentence for all of them. At least 10 years.

    Unfortunately this lack of respect for authority and violent behavior is seen in the UK too, where assaults on police officers greatly increasing over the last few years. One just being killed after being dragged behind an car.

    This starts in the home. Poor upbringing and disinterested parents.

    Coupled with a criminal justice system that seems to care more about the poor criminal than the victims.