Civil servants and members of the public donned pink shirts to take a visual stand against bullying Friday at this year’s Stood Up photo opportunity.

The anti-bullying campaign organizers, the Family Life Centre, held a “Pink Shirt” shoot outside the Government Administration Building. The photo opportunity was part of a larger, month-long awareness-raising initiative with the message: “See Something, Do Something.”

“Bullying is a form of violence regardless of what form it takes,” said Acting Governor Franz Manderson, who joined the photo opportunity. “We, as civil servants, are cognizant of its disturbing effects in our schools, the workplace and in families. The FRC’s Stood Up campaign is encouraging further dialogue on the issue, on our streets, in the media, and in our school classrooms.”

FRC’s Program Coordinator Charmaine Bush-Miller, underscored the importance of the work being done in schools.

“We recognize the significance of increasing awareness of the issue,” she said. “We are working both with victims as well as bullies to identify different strategies and build empathy to help tackle this behavior at its earliest manifestation.”

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