The Jolly Roger pirate-themed ship which ran aground in George Town harbor on Tuesday remained stuck near shore Wednesday.

Workers from West Indian Marine boarded the ship, which was leaning on its side, to determine how it could be removed from the hard pan near the Lobster Pot public dock, according to crewmember Ryan Elle.

He said divers from Harbour House Marine had also checked the ship and did not notice any punctures in the hull.

He said everyone involved was still trying to determine how to move the ship without causing extra damage.

“The ship, the reef, the environment, everything … there is a lot of factors to consider,” he said.

“It’s a delicate situation trying to get it out … Ironshore is right close to it, it’s a narrow channel, and we were even lucky to have gotten in there. Getting it out, we don’t want to tear it up,” Mr. Elle said.

He said he had spoken to Department of Environment staff and they were on the same page.

“We want to get this out as quickly as possible, but we want to do it safely and effectively,” Mr. Elle said.

According to DoE Deputy Director Scott Slaybaugh, a member of the Jolly Roger crew advised the Department of Environment Wednesday afternoon that a preliminary assessment of the vessel has not found any breaches in the ship’s hull, although it was difficult to see the damage on the side of the ship that was lying on the seabed.

Once the vessel is floated, it will be taken to dry dock, he said.

Mr. Slaybaugh said the DoE would assess any environmental impact caused by the grounding later this week once the vessel had been removed and the underwater visibility improved.

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