The Economics and Statistics Office has started working on the 2020 census, government announced on Friday.

According to government, the Census Advisory Committee met for the first time last Wednesday.

The committee includes 20 “resource persons” from various branches of the public sector, as well as non-governmental agencies such as the National Council for Persons with Disabilities. The Sister Islands are represented by the district commissioner, Ernie Scott, and his deputy, Mark Tibbetts.

The committee will “inform and advise” the Economics and Statistics Office in planning for the October 2020 census, government stated. This will include helping finalize the census questionnaire.

The census is an important tool for making policy decisions, government stated.

Important initiatives undertaken using census 2010 data included the review of electoral boundaries, business planning by the private sector, roads and transport planning, policy reviews for the elderly and persons with disabilities, national energy policy and education sector planning, government stated.

“The good value of strong data cannot be underestimated,” said Finance Minister Roy McTaggart in the announcement. The planning for the 2020 census will cover all phases of census preparation, field work implementation and post-field dissemination under three sub-committees for mapping, logistics and training as well as publicity, said Economics and Statistics Office Director Maria Zingapan.

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