Bill calls for change to road naming process

A new bill proposed for debate before the Legislative Assembly seeks to amend the way in which government names and numbers roads.

The bill would make the minister responsible for lands, which is currently Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, responsible for naming roads.

The legislation would also give the Cabinet leeway to make regulations, and it would allow the director of the Lands and Survey Department to approve numbers for buildings.

Street addressing in Cayman was formally introduced by The Roads (Naming & Numbering) Law 1997, and the Cayman Islands Street Addressing Committee was formed to take on the task. The committee is comprised of members from the Lands & Survey Department, the National Roads Authority, the Planning Department, the Postal Service, Fire Police, Ambulance and 911 Emergency Communications.

Addresses in the Cayman Islands are based on a standardized system that calls for intervals of 21.12 feet between available numbers. Odd numbers go on the left hand side, and even numbers on the right.

That formula allows for 500 addresses along each corresponding mile of road.

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