Man who lost 90 pounds rallies community to get moving

Movers for Life members take part in a boot camp at Bodden Town.

A man who lost more than 90 pounds has inspired many more people to begin their own weight-loss journeys.

A decade ago, Winston Sobers was miserable with his life. Tipping the scales at 285 pounds, he decided to get moving to do something about it. Through exercise and healthier eating, he brought his weight down to 195 pounds and has kept the weight off ever since.

He documented his efforts in his book “90 Pounds Lighter,” and is using what he learned to work with others to achieve a similar goal – for free.

In March 2016, Mr. Sobers started a nonprofit group, “Movers for Life,” with five people.

Today, more than 300 people meet in nine locations around Grand Cayman to connect, network and get fit.

“Without your health, you have nothing. There is a breakdown in the family, workplace, relationships and self-esteem,” Mr. Sobers said.

He said the Movers for Life group provides motivation and support so that those who need encouragement can get it when needed and achieve their goals.

“Movers for Life is not a boot camp, a gym or even a fitness center, but has been established to act as a connector, an organizer and facilitator in supporting the community in delivering its healthy mission,” Mr. Sobers said.

The model is very simple. He said the group identifies individuals who are passionate and consistent about leading a healthy lifestyle and then connects them with people who want to get fit and healthy.

Movers for Life members are involved in a wide variety of activities, including walking, running, boot camps, fun sports challenges, educational health seminars, community volunteering and motivational support.

“Consistency is the key. From 2016 until now, we have not stopped walking or moving any Saturday,” Mr. Sobers said.

The cover of Winston Sobers book.

He said before he lost weight, he was regularly visiting doctors, who would give him medicine for temporary solutions. But then, he finally told himself he could no longer live like that and took responsibility to change his life.

He said the organization is seeing some good, positive results from the program. People are coming off blood pressure pills, others are losing weight, and some are seeing their sugar levels drop.

“It’s helping a lot of people in the community to freely get that motivation and lose the weight, because that what’s needed,” Mr. Sobers said.

The group meets regularly at fixed times for walks, runs or other exercise throughout the week.

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