The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal began its session earlier than usual on Wednesday, when attorneys for Osbourne Douglas and Justin D’Angelo Ramoon began their submissions.

Mr. Douglas, 31, and Mr. Ramoon, 26, are appealing their convictions for the murder of Jason Powery in central George Town in July 2015. Mr. Powery, 20, was from West Bay.

The appellants, who are brothers, were transferred in June 2017 from Northward Prison to a jail in the U.K.

Their lead attorneys are also in the U.K., resulting in the joint appeal being dealt with via video link. The brothers were not part of the video link, but they were connected to it via telephone.

Given the time difference between Cayman and the U.K., court was listed to start at 5:45 a.m. local time on Wednesday, with appropriate staff reporting for duty accordingly. Court adjourned around 11:30 a.m. and was scheduled to continue on Thursday, also with an early starting time.

The brothers were found guilty of murder in May 2016, after electing to be tried by judge alone.

Justice Charles Quin found them both guilty of murder, concluding that Mr. Ramoon had shot Mr. Powery, while Mr. Douglas had handed him the gun and then driven the getaway car.

Crown evidence included two witnesses at the scene, CCTV and forensics.

Defense attorneys questioned the character and/or motivation of the Crown witnesses. Mr. Douglas and Mr. Ramoon, who did not give evidence at their trial, agreed that their images would have been on the CCTV because they lived in the area.

The shooting occurred outside the Globe Bar near Martin Drive, off Shedden Road.

Mr. Douglas, who was sentenced to 34 years imprisonment, is represented by lead counsel Charles Miskin in the U.K., who is instructed by attorney Laurence Aiolfi, who remains in Cayman.

Mr. Ramoon, who received a sentence of 35 years, is represented by lead counsel Sean Larkin in the U.K., with instructing attorney Prathna Bodden remaining in Cayman.

Responding to the appeals on behalf of the Director of Public Prosecutions is lead counsel David Perry, assisted by senior Crown counsel Elisabeth Lees.

Sir John Goldring, court president, is hearing the appeal with justices Sir Bernard Rix and Sir Alan Moses.

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