Teri Quappe is making a splash.

The Caymanian filmmaker saw her short film, “Interloper,” earn the designation of Best Experimental Short Film at the Cutting Edge Film Festival in Pompano Beach, Florida last week.

Ms. Quappe’s entry was one of more than 150 films enrolled in the festival, and it beat 21 other applicants in the category of Best Experimental Short Film. Before Pompano Beach, “Interloper” was shown at Cayman’s Poinciana Film Festival and in two showings at Camana Bay Cinema.

“It was amazing, honestly. We had such big support from Cayman and elsewhere,” Ms. Quappe said. “I was completely surprised. We weren’t even expecting to get into the festival, frankly, since it was my first film. That’s not a normal thing in the industry.”

The filmmaker recently graduated with a bachelor of arts in practical filmmaking from Met Film School in London, and “Interloper” was her final film project at the school. It was filmed entirely in November 2017 in and around a small cabin in Scotland with a crew of six and a budget of $4,000.

“Interloper” was shown at the New Zealand International Film Festival in June and it will be shown in Nashville’s HerStory Cinephilia Society film festival later in November. Ms. Quappe will participate in a question-and-answer session in Nashville.

“I’m really excited to be able to go there and talk about the film,” Ms. Quappe said. “And it will really be nice to talk to other filmmakers about their films and other women in the industry.”

The film was written and directed by Ms. Quappe, and stars Melanie Ebanks as a young woman seeking refuge from a recent violent attack. The woman arrives at a remote cabin in the hopes of healing, but she settles in for an unsettling night that brings some unforeseen occurrences.

Teri Quappe

Ms. Quappe said she is also working on a novel. She directed “Jekyll & Hyde” at the Prospect Playhouse a couple of years ago, and next year, she will direct a production of “Into the Woods.” Casting for that musical is expected to start in January, and the play will run next September.

Ms. Quappe can be reached at [email protected], and people can learn more about ‘Interloper’ by visiting the short film’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/InterloperShortFilm.

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