Starrie Scott of NIM Things, left, and Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow show off the colorful CaymanKind boxes at the launch of the new product at Cayman Brac’s Stake Bay Post Office.

This year, people sending parcels overseas, or locally, via the Cayman Postal Service can give the parcel recipients a little taste of CaymanKind.

The postal service has launched a product line of colorful postal boxes that feature scenes and creatures from Cayman, including a stingray, a Cayman parrot, a coral reef and an unmistakable image of Seven Mile Beach.

The boxes are available at all post offices on all three islands.

Customers can now ship their locally-made products at flat rates using the two new products: CaymanKind Global that costs $25 and CaymanKind Global Express at a cost of $40. Each sturdy cardboard package, available in one size, accommodates a weight limit of 22 pounds.

The words “Cayman Islands” are printed on the box with the Sir Turtle logo. The names of the three islands, Little Cayman, Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac, are also featured. The box has a folding lock top to keep items secure.

“This is going to be great for individuals, and especially cottage industries who want to establish an overseas market or develop an internet presence. It can help support e-commerce growth of outbound local products,” said Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow in a press release. “The postal industry, across the world, is trying to support e-commerce customers and suppliers.”

She said any product that fits into Cayman Postal Service’s branded boxes can be easily shipped to overseas buyers, and the availability of the boxes eliminates the need for customers to look for other packaging for posting their products.

Starrie Scott, owner of well-known Brac jewelry and craft store NIM Things, kicked off the sales by posting the first package containing Christmas-themed craft items to a buyer in Berne, Switzerland.

“This is a great boon for small store owners like us. At a glance, the boxes in which the packages will be sent highlight the unique beauty of the Cayman Islands. The boxes themselves are very attractive and I am very pleased that … the containers so vividly represent the Cayman Islands,” Ms. Scott said, lauding the new line of postal products.

The product is a joint venture between the Postal Service and Department of Tourism.

At the launch at the Brac Stake Bay Post office, Ms. Glasgow expressed gratitude to Finance Minister Roy McTaggart, Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell, Department of Tourism’s Rosa Harris and Jessica Pawlik and Postal Service staff for their work.

For recommended postal dates over the Christmas season, call the Post Office on 949-2474.

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