St. Ignatius cub scouts inducted

Winston Hayle, scouts executive commissioner, reaffirms the 'Promise' with cub scouts.

Twenty boys in St. Ignatius’ cub scout pack have been inducted as full-fledged members of the Cayman Islands Scout Association.

Winston Hayle, executive commissioner for the Cayman Islands Scout Association, formally welcomed the new cub scouts into the local movement and by extension into the worldwide organization during an investiture ceremony at St. Ignatius School courtyard last week.

“It’s a major achievement for a unit of this size to have all its members invested in one sitting,” said Mr. Hayle.

“I look forward to working closely with the group as the boys continue to grow and develop within the scout program,” he added.

He wished the new members an enjoyable, fun-filled and rewarding scouting experience.  “I am sure that the training received and skills acquired will be of benefit to themselves and their community,” he said.

Rebecca Whiteside, cub pack leader, invested the other members.

“This ceremony is important to us as a ‘pack’ as it reminds cubs, and all of us, that we are members of a larger association and are also members of a worldwide movement …. We have much to celebrate,” she said.

According to Ms. Whiteside, the boys are kept busy working on projects and earning badges. Three of the boys have been promoted to the rank of sixer, a boy scout leader. Each sixer is in charge of a pack of six boys and they assist with the training of members in their small unit, keep attendance records and assist with collecting dues. Seconders assist sixers in carrying out their duties.

Mr. Hayle said the cubs have fulfilled their civic duties, marching with pride at parades, and attending services for Remembrance Day, Commonwealth Day and the Queen’s Birthday.

He also said they continue to inspire their leaders with their energy, creativity and enthusiasm in everything they do, and they work hard to uphold the high standards of conduct and to obey the Cub Scout law.

James Hickey, principal at St. Ignatius, said he was pleased St. Ignatius cub scouts were finally officially invested into the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

“I know that you all take your responsibilities very seriously and I know that you see it as a great honor to be part of the Cayman and worldwide scouting association,” he said.

Mr. Hickey also recognized parents for their support in encouraging the boys, pack leaders, Mr. Hayle and the sixers who had taken on leadership roles.

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