Lighthouse School stages career day for students

Ryan Mushin of Lion's Aquatics Pool outfits a volunteer in lifeguard garb.

The Lighthouse School featured a look into the future on Friday.

The school’s secondary students participated in a career day, which allowed them to learn about a wide range of professions that could interest them after their graduation.

Representatives from Marriott, Ritz-Carlton and Foster’s Food Fair presented about careers in their organisations during the morning, and the students learned about working for the police and as lifeguards during the afternoon. One final session focused on child care.

Carolyn Powell, Key Stage coordinator at Lighthouse School, said the secondary students all look forward to Career Day and that it’s an important annual event on the school’s calendar.

“Before we have the Career Day,” she said, “we have a survey where we gauge what their interests are, and from that we select the professions to showcase for that day”.

Fifty-two students went through the presentations on Friday, getting a half-hour with each group along the way. The child care session in teacher Susan Whittaker’s classroom turned out to be one of the day’s most popular events, and the students were invited to try on a vest that replicates the weight and visual appearance of being pregnant in the third trimester.

“They can see that pregnancy is enjoyable, but also a lot of work and a lot of pain,” said Whittaker. “It’s very fun and it’s very educational and it’s very hands-on. They’re all involved.

Ryan Mushin of Lion’s Aquatics Pool demonstrates pulling someone to safety during Careers Day. – Photos: Spencer Fordin

“For all the career fair events, we try to encourage hands-on stuff for our students, because that’s what they need to prepare them to go out there into society.”

The students learned about basic first-aid techniques and about the importance of paying close attention to the water during their session with Ryan Mushin of Lion’s Aquatics Pool, and they learned about the various ways they can work in the hospitality industry with Marriott and The Ritz-Carlton.

“It’s [a] very important job, but a lot of time, nothing happens,” said Mushin of lifeguarding.

“It’s very important to be ready for any situation and fast to respond.”

The child care session did double duty because it gave the students a glimpse of a potential career path, but also prepared for them for starting a family of their own at some point in the future.

“Family is very important, but it’s very expensive to have a child,” said Whittaker. “It prepares them and lets them see that when the woman gets pregnant, it’s a lot of work. Pregnancy can be very complicated. And we also encourage men to take part and let them see what the women go through.”

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