Ivan Farrington poses in his 'Devil' outfit in West Bay. - Photo: Jewel Levy

The ‘Devil’ will be spending more time on Cayman Brac after Ivan Farrington, who is renowned for dressing up in his Satan outfit at Hell in West Bay, purchased a home on the sister island.

Farrington, 86, will travel between the Brac and Grand Cayman, and on his next trip to the Brac, he said, he will be bringing his devilish costume.

Farrington said he has been thinking of moving to the Brac for some time, and bought some beach property there 20 years ago. Now, he thinks he needs a home there.

Farrington said he arrived on the Brac on April 15 and worked with various individuals to secure a home on the south side of the island.

“I’m just getting away from the hell of [Grand] Cayman for a little while,” he said with a chuckle, adding that the home he has found on the Brac is more like heaven than hell.

Dressed as the devil, Farrington can often be found around Hell Road’s Hell Post Office – where tourists can send a ‘postcard from Hell’ – and the Devil’s Hangout store. Hell’s jagged limestone formations attract many visitors each day.

Farrington was born at a place in West Bay known as Goat Yard, which was named after the many goats that were kept in the area. His family moved to Hell Road when he was 8 years old, he said. After leaving school at age 16, he worked on the roads and helped his shoemaker father repair footwear.

At 18, he went to Mosquito Key to catch turtles, and then worked at the airport before shipping out with National Bulk Carriers in 1954. On his return to Cayman, he said, it wasn’t too hard to get involved with Hell. “I was always a hell-raiser,” he quipped.

In 1985, Captain Theo Bodden bought a piece of property in West Bay, on which a post office and three gift shops were built. When Farrington bought the properties, he named the gift shop ‘Paradise’. The business went “straight to hell”, he said.

”No one wanted to hear anything about paradise,” he recalled. “When I had it named Paradise, not even the preachers would come. When I changed the name to the ‘Devil’s Hangout’ about 29 years ago, business flourished.”
Farrington said he was in Tampa for Halloween when a girl bought him a devil outfit. He brought it home to Cayman but had no intention of actually wearing it until one day he decided to don the outfit and wear it to Hell. It was an instant hit, and many tourists since have left the island with photographs of them posing next to the ‘Devil’.

Farrington put his property in Hell on the market a few months ago, he said.  “The price is a cool $8 million. When [people] wanted to find out why so much, I tell them I’m selling Hell, not giving it away.”

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