The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands in a statement recognised its working relationships with Ireland-based CAE Parc Aviation and France’s Aeroconseil AKKA.

The partnerships are centred on efforts to ensure that aircraft lessors’ objectives are reliably fulfilled, and also extend to securing confidence in the importing state aviation authorities and meeting lessee expectations, the aviation authority said.

Richard Smith, director-general of the authority, said, “Together we are actively supporting aircraft lessors in the important field of aircraft transitions. This can be a complex environment full of technical and jurisdiction challenges coupled with demanding commercial timelines.”

The authority said the strength of its technical relationships with CAE Parc Aviation and Aeroconseil AKKA provides substantive technical justifications and initiatives for the timely production of approvals and certificates. The Civil Aviation Authority is also engaged with flight operation organisations required to support the relocation of aircraft and, where required, perform operational verification flights.

The authority said it believes the field of aircraft transitions requires bespoke organisation competencies, processes and resources coordinated to deliver successful outcomes.