Two additional people were charged with crimes Tuesday in relation to a private plane that allegedly brought gold and cash to Grand Cayman on 4 June.

Venezuelan nationals Francisco Ventura-Herrera, 26, and Daniel Aguilar-Ferriozzi, 27, were formally charged with possession of criminal property in Summary Court on Tuesday.

Two men, Pedro Jose Benavidez Natera and Juan Carlos Gonzalez Infante, were previously charged with being engaged in smuggling in relation to US$135,000 in cash found on the plane.

Natera and Infante were the pilots of the private plane. When they appeared before Magistrate Valdis Foldats on 20 June, the court heard that their fingerprints were not found on the money.

All four of the defendants are Venezuelan nationals.

The court had previously heard that Natera and Infante denied having any knowledge of the money found on the plane. Defence counsel Prathna Bodden told Magistrate Foldats on a previous appearance that the gold the plane had been carrying had been properly declared.

Natera and Infante have been held without bail and are slated for trial on 17 July.

Their case is expected to be back in court for a case management hearing on 10 July.