Procurement office addressing audit recommendations

Despite a report from the Office of the Auditor General finding significant shortcomings in the way the government oversees outside contracts, the Central Procurement Office said it has already been making progress on many of the recommendations in the report.

The agency was faulted for not producing a procurement manual for government ministries to follow. The procurement office said in a news release on Thursday that it has produced such a manual, and has trained more than 600 people in procurement practices.

In the release, Director of Procurement Taraq Bashir said the CPO has made significant progress since 2017 in developing a centralised pool of tools and templates that Government agencies are using to implement standardised services and expectations.

These resources are on the website, which was launched last year.
The comprehensive site, Bashir said, aims to make the procurement process more efficient and consistent for civil servants and vendors alike. The agency also established an online procurement portal known as ‘Bonfire’, making the Cayman Islands one of the first countries in the region to embrace such a system.

The office, in conjunction with the Strategic Reforms Implementation Unit, has trained a number of workers in business case analysis.

In the release, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson was quoted as saying, “Chief officers and their teams will continue to take full advantage of the available training, guidance and support within the context of the auditor general’s findings with regard to their agencies.”