Trial for Bodden Town man Travis Jarrel Webb, accused of the attempted murder of a child, was delayed Friday, pending further mental health evaluations.

Defence attorney Oliver Grimwood said he was in possession of expert psychiatric reports on Webb, but that he had not yet shared them with the Crown. He expected to serve those reports to the Crown by Monday, 29 July.

Grimwood said, “Webb meets the test,” set out in the psychological and psychiatric evaluations.

The Crown will perform its own psychological assessment of Webb, expected to take six to eight weeks to complete.

Trail was rescheduled from 5 Aug. to 4 Oct. to allow for the Crown’s testing to be carried out.

Webb was arrested Wednesday, 21 Nov. in relation to a 3‑year-old who was allegedly buried alive in Bodden Town.

Police at the time reported that the child was found in distress and struggling to breathe. The child was administered oxygen until an ambulance transported the patient to Cayman Islands Hospital.

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