Letter: Symbiotic relationship between residents and governor

The recent news of the passing of Cayman’s first governor caused me to reflect on just how well the interaction between governor and inhabitants works in the territory, in the majority of cases that is. No ruler and subjects arrangement here, but rather an almost symbiotic arrangement which works so well on so many different levels.

Our 12 years on Grand Cayman coincided with the tenures of, Peter Lloyd and Alan Scott, each of them immersing themselves in the life and soul of the place, in quite different ways, it is true, and in each case placing Caymanians themselves at the heart of the matter. Memories abound of the many happy interactions which took place in those times.

More recently, and with only one short but noted and as yet unexplained aberration, we have seen Helen Kilpatrick and the present incumbent, Martyn Roper, continue the fine tradition, rolling up their sleeves and emanating nothing but positive vibes as they go about their business.

Long may it continue. Cayman deserves nothing less. With every good wish.

Mike Spragg

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