Colorado cannabis comes to Cayman

Colorado has joined the ranks of cannabis producers now supplying products to the Cayman Islands.

Denver-based United Cannabis Corporation announced Tuesday that it has begun distributing its Prana Hemp extracts in the islands. As hemp-based products, these extracts do not contain THC, the principal psychoactive compound found in cannabis.

Instead, the extracts contain cannabidiol, or CBD, a component emphasised in medical cannabis products for issues such as pain, nausea and anxiety.

“Demand for cannabis and hemp-derived products continues to grow within the Cayman population, as well as the surrounding Caribbean islands,” said United Cannabis CEO Earnest Blackmon in a press statement.

“Since the regulatory infrastructure doesn’t presently allow for domestic production, we recognized a real opportunity for United Cannabis to offer our Prana Hemp products to patients in this market.”

While medical cannabis oils and tinctures are legal for consumption in Cayman with a prescription, local production is not permitted. All legal medical cannabis products in the Cayman Islands must be imported with the approval of the Health Services Authority.

Colorado joins Canadian and Jamaican producers in supplying Cayman with medical cannabis oils and tinctures, approved by government in November 2016.

The Colorado company will initially supply Cayman with hemp products produced in the United States, but Blackmon said he expected to shift production for Cayman consumers to its facility in Jamaica.


  1. Beware Cayman. Today CBD, tomorrow pot. Cayman can’t regulate drivers on pot. The driving here is notoriously dangerous. Just imagine your head on pot behind the steering wheel of a 3000lb missile. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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