Sharon Roulstone, director, WORC

Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman said it will, in the coming weeks, launch an online system to allow job-seekers to search employment openings posted by registered employers. The JobsCayman portal will also permit employers to search for qualified and skilled Caymanians who are seeking employment.

Explaining the new system at the Chamber of Commerce Economic Forum in June, WORC Director Sharon Roulstone said, “The task is to radically change the processes to help Caymanians find jobs and employers the labour that they need to keep Cayman globally competitive.”

Employers must advertise all vacancies on the JobsCayman portal, but only registered and work-ready job-seekers will be able to apply, she said.

Caymanians who register will have the opportunity to search for jobs posted online with their skills or career ambitions.

Employers who have listed job openings, will receive email notifications when an applicant has applied for a job and registered job-seekers can receive feedback if they were unsuccessful for a job they applied for.

With this information on hand, WORC said, the job-seeker can then do all things necessary to upskill and receive the necessary training to increase the chances of future employment.

The initial system release does not allow for automatic alerts to let job-seekers know of available jobs in their field, but this feature is planned for the future, the department stated.

WORC officials emphasised that the onus is still on those looking for work to ensure that the information they input into JobsCayman is accurate and up-to-date. The system can generate a basic resume template using the submitted information such as name, address, education, skills or qualifications and job history. This can then be used when applying for job openings.

Job-seekers and employers must register

To search job postings and apply, each person will first need to obtain a username and password via the Cayman Islands Government Global Network (CIGnet). A link to create the login is available on the department’s website at The CIGnet username and password will then allow access to JobsCayman.

On the portal, each user has to register individually before registering in a second step as a job-seeker or employer. Each user of JobsCayman must be verified by WORC.

To register, all individuals must provide a picture ID, such as a passport photo page, voter registration card or a driver’s license, as well as proof of their immigration status.

Proof of Caymanian documentation can be a voter registration card, birth certificate, Caymanian status certificate or stamp in a valid passport indicating the Caymanian status.

The system will ask for these documents to be uploaded in digital format such as PDF or JPG. In fact, all registrations for JobsCayman will be done electronically, with a complete elimination of paper documents.

For those without internet access and computers, WORC said it will partner with the district libraries and host district town hall registration drives to allow job-seekers to register during these events. Alternatively, those looking for work can visit the WORC office and register using available kiosks in the Customer Care Centre, where WORC staff will assist and guide them through the online process.

Employers posting job ads

A registered employer can assign a person responsible for posting jobs ads. When a job ad is created, a customer care officer will have to approve it, using criteria specified by WORC. Once approved, the employer will be notified, and the ad will be live on the system and can be viewed by the public.

To re-advertise existing job postings, the system allows for the cloning or copying of job ads, maintaining the previously entered information and adjusting the beginning and end dates of posting. This will not need to be approved by a customer care officer, unless the information is edited.

The jobs portal is only the first phase of Jobs Cayman. Phase 2 encompasses the online process of work permits and Phase 3 will deal with Cayman status and permanent residency applications and filings.

Phase 1 of JobsCayman will be launching in the coming weeks with the second and third phases expected to come online in the fourth quarter of 2019, according to WORC.

The department expects that the new system will significantly reduce approval times for applications and ensure that customers get answers to their requests more quickly, WORC stated in a press release.