Dart plans Camana Bay expansion

10-storey apartment block and new office space coming

The Dart group has submitted plans for a new 10-storey apartment building and a new five-storey office block as it continues to expand Camana Bay.

If approved, the apartment block, which will feature 89 for-lease units, will be the first 10-storey building on the eastern side of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway. It will be located on Bismarckia Way at the north end of Camana Bay, close to where a new Foster’s supermarket is being built.

Though the developer still has long-term plans for a multi-storey building with a hotel component within Camana Bay, bosses say their immediate focus is on increasing for-lease residential and class A office space.

Justin Howe, a vice president at Dart, said the developer believes building taller is the correct strategy.

“Taller buildings at Camana Bay reduce sprawl, increase energy savings and conserve resources by enabling more residents to live closer to where they work, shop, play and learn,” he said in a statement.

“Building up instead of out allows Dart to maximise density while keeping development footprints small.”

The new office block will be built on the current parking lot opposite Dart’s headquarters on Nexus Way. New parking space is planned to the south of the Dart building.

Howe, who is responsible for asset management and development planning, said the two projects were designed to respond to market demand.

“The town centre’s Class A office space is almost at capacity and The Terraces have been fully leased since opening a decade ago. Demand for residential and commercial space at Camana Bay remains strong.”

Howe said both projects would emphasise walkability and sustainable design and would be “future-proofed” for potential expansion.

The planning applications were submitted on Friday and Monday.