Travelling voters can request referendum ballots

Registered voters who may be travelling around Referendum Day, as well as those living off-island, will be able to have their say.

Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell, in a recent interview with the Cayman Compass, said every registered voter, according to the 1 Oct. electors list, will be able to participate.

“Persons that cannot make it out to the polls because of illness or otherwise, or if they are working on Referendum Day, we can do mobile voting, which is early voting, and persons who are off-island or travelling can vote via postal voting,” Howell said.

The vote will be held on 19 Dec. The polls, he said, will be open from 7am to 6pm.

The current electors list, containing 21,217 people, will be used for the referendum.

Explaining how postal ballots work, Howell said, “That’s a request where you write in and request a postal ballot and [give] the reason why you require a postal ballot and go through a formal issuing process. It is sent to the address for the person to vote and then they assemble their documents and then send those back,” Howell said.

He said the postal ballot system will be efficient since the Elections Office will be using express mail.

Howell said the referendum operates like an election and voting will take place in all 19 constituencies.

He said the Elections Office will publish details about polling stations, as well as post them on their website,