Think about preserving our natural beauty

Regarding Mr Michael Bayley’s plea to just want to be able to sell a “great vacation”, (‘Verdant Isle shares port plan’, 3 Oct.) please think to do so without destroying natural beauty, marine wildlife and pristine reefs. It would also be considerate of you to keep the island free of thousands more tourists who do not see Grand Cayman as its locals and long-term, outside visitors do.

Why reward these tourists who will casually come in, maybe purchase a trinket or a fast-food meal, then leave; all the while creating more garbage than the island can already sustain?

These are people who the island will be sacrificing its reefs for? I need to hear something that makes more sense. This fabulously wealthy CEO claims this is not about money, but selling a “great vacation.” I’m not buying it.

– Jennifer Arney, Chicago, USA

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