Change voter-registration deadline

Further to the premier’s comments reported in the Cayman Compass that anyone who wanted to vote in the referendum had a year to register, I thought it would be useful to share that this is not true in all cases.

My daughter, Amber, turned 18 in late September this year and had a few days to register. She is studying marine science, registered before the 1 Oct. deadline and was excited to be part of the democratic process and have a say in a decision that will have long-term environmental implications for our islands.

We are all disappointed that she will miss out on this opportunity for the sake of a few days. Her elder sister, Abbie, also registered in the summer whilst back from university and there will be two otherwise eligible voters in our household that cannot participate.

In the spirit of democracy and to encourage our next generation of voters, I hope that the government will reconsider their decision.

-Richard McMillan

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