Gov’t recently introduced the sport to school curriculums

Physical education teachers across Cayman’s government schools were given an introduction to tennis Friday as the Tennis Federation of the Cayman Islands hosted a clinic aimed at familiarising educators on the sport’s basics.

Government school physical education teachers run through drills recently at a Cayman Islands Tennis Federation event aimed at teaching the educators more about the sport.

It’s part of a new initiative to help teachers learn the game as government schools recently introduced tennis to their PE curriculums, according to a press release from the federation.

“It was a pleasure to instruct the PE teachers on the basics of the wonderful sport of tennis and that all of the teachers came with a great attitude and willingness to learn a new sport,” local tennis pro Mica Koll said in the release.

The educators learned how to teach a forehand and backhand along with many hand-eye coordination drills, according to the release. Many of the drills are also transferrable to other sports, the federation said.

Koll said he hoped “we will see more tennis players from Cayman from this initiative and that the schools can continue to give kids the ability to grow in sport as well as academics”.

The tennis federation is also looking at the possibility of providing a similar clinic for private school PE teachers.