Most MLAs did not canvass opinion on the port project

Having attended in person at the Legislative Assembly, watched on television and on the CIG channel on YouTube, the live debates regarding the cruise-berthing facility, my heart is broken. I gathered from a few elected officials that they surveyed their constituents to find out their views on this much-heated debate. To those minority elected officials who did reach out to their constituents, a heart-felt THANK YOU.

Regardless of the topic at hand, I am extremely disappointed at the lack of dialogue between the majority of the elected representatives and their constituents, especially in my particular electoral district (West Bay South).

In the weeks leading up to the debate, never did the elected official nor any ‘party representatives’ knock on my door and ask me my opinion on the upcoming debate. I am confident I am speaking for the majority of those registered voters in my same electoral district.

However, the elected representative for my electoral district, along with several other elected representatives, debated stating their position based on their thoughts (perhaps as a registered voter themselves), their agendas, but NOT those of the people that put them in their positions, and that actually pay their salaries.

The purpose of the elected officials is to represent the people that elected them, not ignore them. How many people now feel like they hired the wrong person? How I wish there was a ‘probationary period’!

Registered voters of the Cayman Islands, I encourage us to all to WAKE UP, never forget this special debate, especially in 2021 – let the recency effect remain at the forefront of our minds when election time comes. Like any good boss, if you have to do the work of your employee, why would you need to keep them?

Like Mr. Ezzard Miller said (in the Legislative Assembly last month), “Go speak with Master Mariners in your family, see what they have to say; do not take it from any foreign expert, take it from our local experts.” Educate yourselves on this matter of national importance.

Grand Cayman will be an ‘Island that Time will Forget’ for sure if this cruise-berthing facility deal goes through.

Allison Lovinggood

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