With everything that’s at stake with the proposed cruise berthing and cargo port project – millions of dollars in public spending, the health of Cayman’s reefs, jobs for Caymanians, among other issues – much of the public outcry following Tuesday’s announcement that the 19 Dec. referendum will be delayed centered around one question:

Will that day still be a holiday? And the answer is yes.

“The real breaking news is whether we still get a holiday or not!?!?!,” one person posted on social media.

The Cayman Compass and its staff received dozens of messages and posts on social media asking whether 19 Dec. will remain a public holiday. Premier Alden McLaughlin previously indicated that it would.

“So now the referendum has been delayed, no more voting on December 19, just a random midweek holiday –wonderful,” another social media user posted.

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“Thanks for the free holiday,” Kamaal Ebanks said. “Does this now mean we have a holiday for absolutely no reason and then will have ANOTHER holiday next year?”

Others had the same question.

“So if we still getting the public holiday even though the referendum is delayed … does that mean when a new date is set that we getting a holiday again? I love it here,” another person tweeted.

It is unclear when the referendum will actually be held, but it almost certainly will be a holiday to allow voters to head to the polls.

While many of the posts and messages celebrated what many consider a ‘free holiday.’, not everyone was as enthused.

Karlie Lovingood said she thinks it is a wrench thrown into the voting process.

“If it’s law, then it’s law, but it’s disheartening to voters who don’t have flexible jobs and hopefully employers accommodate those wanting to cast their vote on the new referendum date,” Lovingood said.

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