Cruise port would destroy Cayman’s natural beauty

I do not support the cruise ship expansion and here is why: Destroying the harbour to accommodate more ships will fundamentally change Grand Cayman.

Our natural beauty is our most important quality. This feature (our best) has made us an attractive place to visit. Destroying that would be foolish and would amount to shooting ourselves in the foot.

Currently the influx of people and increase in traffic during cruise ship days is substantial and our infrastructure is tested. Adding ships capable of carrying 5,000 souls would just make rush hour all day. Waiting lines at restaurants and beaches would become common.

I must agree with Guy Harvey that we should not destroy what has made us such a beautiful spot.

Our natural beauty is fundamental to our nature.

The new cruise ship project is a very bad idea whose ramifications and unintended consequences would change Grand Cayman fundamentally for years to come and not for the better.

Peter Longo

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  1. Some folks just can’t cope with change, of any kind. Georgetown will always be crowded, whether it is from cruise ship passengers, taxi’s to take the passengers to the beach, or the influx of stay over guests. They are coming from the airport, and need transportation, also impacting Georgetown. We can expect four large, new hotels in the very near future. That translates to traffic, shoppers, congestion. It also translates to dollars spent here. Is that bad too. The fear mongering of the complete “annihilation” of the reef in Georgetown is untenable. Some reefs may be upset, but every attempt will be made to maintain the beauty and natural environment of the reefs. Do you honestly think, with all the talk of obliterating all that is holy to Cayman, anyone would destroy our natural resources. That would be insane, and everyone respects, and understand the importance of our greatest resource. I personally would never build here because of all the venom spued from many irrational people, who refuse to open their minds. Whatever the outcome, let’s try to be reasonable, and level headed.