Where is the queen’s portrait?

My wife and I visit Grand Cayman every year or two and have done so since 1999. We used to visit a number of islands in the Caribbean but after our first trip to Grand Cayman we just don’t care to go anywhere else.

There are many aspects that keep bringing us back but perhaps the most attractive one is the people. The multi-cultural society which exists seems to us to be a beautiful example of how all of God’s children should live and care for each other. If you have problems, we have never seen them. Everyone we have come in contact with down through the years have been gracious, open, friendly, and caring.

Our last trip was in June of this year and we noticed that the picture of Queen Elizabeth was no longer in its former prominent location after the new construction in the airport. I looked about but was unable to find one. Her Majesty has given her life in service to the people and we think very highly of her. Our suggestion is that hopefully her photograph will be restored to its proper place for incoming travellers at the airport.

George and Dolores Fredericks
Johnson City, Tennessee