Tomlinson shows off her latest Christmas hairstyle

Ann Marie Tomlinson, who reckons she has had more than 500 distinctive hairstyles over the years, showed off her latest Christmas creation at a recent visit to the Cayman Compass office.

Taxi driver Tomlinson, 54, celebrates public holidays and major social events, like the royal visit earlier this year, by turning her hair into a work of art.

Tomlinson is celebrating the Christmas season by sporting a blinking Christmas tree, Santa, snowballs, bells, tinsel, sparkles and a lot of glitter on her head.

Her eye-popping creations never fail to turn heads, with styles that range from the flamboyant to the outrageous and downright funny, to demure or sophisticated. Some days, on top of her head she can be found featuring the Easter Bunny sitting in a basket, a slice of cake in a plate, or salt fish and ackee alongside the Jamaican flag.

One of her hairstyles backfired one year when, to celebrate the New Year, she adorned her hair with sparklers and lit them, leading to her getting burned.

Tomlinson said she loves going to the hairdressers to get her hair done.
It all started, she said, when as a teenager, she loved to style and cut her family members’ hair.

“What makes me feel good about my creations is when people look, and it instantly puts a smile on their faces. Even if they are having a bad day, I feel like it has relieved some of their stress, which makes me feel good in return,” Tomlinson said.

“Sometimes, I think, eat sleep and think hairstyles. When I go home at night, it is usually the last thing I think about – what to do with my hair next day or in preparation for a big dance show,” she added.

With more than 500 hairstyles and counting, Tomlinson said she plans to carry on coming up with many more creations.

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