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Vicki Wheaton

I can’t believe it is already the end of 2019 and I haven’t lost a pound. Yes, I am one of those who has ‘healthy living’ at the top of her New Year’s resolutions list; yet writing it down and doing it are two different things.

Here is what I find difficult: you are supposed to switch into high gear, making important changes in your life, on 1 Jan., which is when most of us are in recovery mode. The very idea of jumping on a treadmill or munching down on a plateful of greens when all I crave is sleep and burgers, fills me with dread.

One of the nice things about a new year, I find, is not so much the goals that one sets for oneself – it is the sense one has of a clean slate. If the year before was a trying one with upsetting events or other disappointments, it is a great feeling, psychologically, to put it in the rearview mirror and simply look forward to better times ahead.

I got a fair bit accomplished this year. I moved to a ‘new’ house, got a ‘new’ car and managed to get another car through the inspection – no small feat. (The driver’s window has to work?) I also turned 50. Fif-tee. Half-a-century. Yikes.

One of my 2020 resolutions has got to be to finish what I started at the dentist’s office about two years ago. I wanted to get my teeth whitened, but of course we had to check for cavities first. Word to the wise: when your dentist starts talking about your mouth in terms of quadrants, prepare to book multiple appointments.

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I realised that simply brushing and randomly flossing wasn’t gonna cut it any longer. If I don’t start taking my gums seriously, I’ll look like Nosferatu by the time I’m 60. Nothing sexier than a mouth full of exposed roots.

I think taking care of my knees (however one does that) needs to make the list as well. I was looking for Christmas decorations under the bed about a month ago and discovered that kneeling on the floor was now only mildly less painful than driving glass shards into my legs. Is there surgery available that can insert wee cushions into your kneecaps?

Travelling to different places should be something we all work towards. I didn’t visit any new countries in 2019, to my disappointment. Africa, Russia and previously untapped European destinations had all been possibilities, but in the end, I stuck with the tried-and-true for ease’s sake: Canada, the US and the UK. It was a lazy decision.

Beyond the wonderful experiences you’ll have, exploring foreign locales and learning about their cultures is so important. News stories have much more of an impact if you are familiar with the communities being affected in their reports.

Everyone should save for at least one trip per year to a new country. Look for flight and accommodation deals and, whenever possible, get the local experience. The Hard Rock in Cairo does not count as a taste of Egyptian culture.

So, thus far I have noted for 2020 that I need to get my teeth sorted out, my knees pillowed and I should book an exotic trip, preferably in that order.

Will getting fit also be on the list? Of course! That’s what a positive outlook is all about. If you fall off the treadmill the first (second, third, fourth…) time, get back up and try, try again.

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