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The not-so-well-known New Year's resolutions

Yes, we are all aware of the usual resolutions. Get fit, watch your money, give to charity and spend time with loved ones. Here are some lesser known ones that you might also consider if you haven’t filled your quota for 2020.

Learn how to use roundabouts
Call them roundabouts, call them traffic circles … whatever they are, they seem to confound a lot of people. My favourite is when an irate driver who is making completely the wrong manoeuvres, goes bananas on their horn at someone who is using the roundabout correctly.

Don’t buy multi-coloured makeup sets
Yes, they look beautiful on the shelves – all the colours of the rainbow in eyeshadow, lipstick and sometimes even blusher – and how convenient to have them in one handy compact! Two months later, how many of those colours have you actually used? It’s the rare bird that can carry off bright blue eyeshadow, and if you only favour reds and nudes, why get a set that includes four shades of pink lipstick? Worst case scenario: you’ll venture out in public sporting hideous colours you wouldn’t usually dream of wearing, just to justify the purchase. Use your money to buy individual items that you will definitely use and buy a makeup bag instead.

Fix your car before it fixes you
Not everyone is keen on buying a new car, and I’ve definitely owned some bangers in my time. Just make sure that you always have money in reserve for repairing it immediately when something goes wrong. Unsurprisingly, problems do not improve if you just ignore them. I remember the days of driving around with a gallon bottle of water, thanks to a leaky pump, praying I didn’t get stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and spending more money on cans of fix-a-flat than a new tyre would have cost. If it’s broke; fix it.

As someone who is a confessed night owl, I find it really difficult to go to sleep early. You’d think that as an adult, common sense would kick in, but no. Often on the weekend I’ll be sitting in bed, bleary-eyed, trying to find something – anything – on television to watch, rather than go to sleep before 2am. The benefits of a good night’s sleep have been confirmed by far more educated people than me. One only has to get a proper nine hours to find one’s entire attitude has changed. Suddenly, that person at the office who intensely annoys you is simply delightfully quirky. If you don’t want to end up looking like Keith Richards, get some shuteye.

Take enough luggage on a vacation
Am I the only one who tries to go on a trip with one bag and ends up having to buy another while I’m away? I have four pieces of barely-used duffels and suitcases in my house from constantly underestimating my travel space requirements. I know there are people in the world who boast of carrying a week’s clothes and necessities in a fanny pack, but they live in places that have malls and Target and Wal-Mart, so when they travel, they aren’t loading up on barrels of ibuprofen, water filters and flavours of Lays potato chips that you just can’t get here. The biggest mistake is telling anyone close to you that you are going to [insert shopping destination here] for the weekend. That is followed by “Oh, really? Could you bring back something small for me?” Ha! Let the madness begin.
Accept that you need at least two large checked-in bags plus a carry-on and a large hold-all that you argue with the desk staff is your handbag, and just maybe you won’t add another Samsonite to your collection on your next trip.

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